These are the two return tracks from Louisville, Kentucky based post-hardcore band Anchors for eyes. The band originally released their debut ep critos fruit in twenty twelve but that was followed by the band breaking up. After a few years of waiting they returned this time with a new lineup Ryan Mitchell on vocals, Ricky Raymond on vocals, Adam Schwab on guitar, Ryan Hernandez on guitar, Connor James on bass, and Jade Winstead on drums. Additionally Chance Manning contributed to bass for both tracks. Unfortunately this didn’t last for long breaking up before the completion of their anticipated EP.

Carousel Conversations

This was the band’s first single post reuniting and it’s everything listeners of the old ep wanted. Returning with the fast paced post-hardcore sound but this time it was different. The track opens with an entrancing vocal performance by Ryan Mitchell which is accompanied by anguished screams from Ricky. The track is super clean the prediction is exquisite and the writing is phenomenal setting a new standard for this bands sound.

Overall rating – 9/10

Pillage the village

This is band’s second and final single. Implementing a heavy sound it’s much faster than it’s predecessor. But some how Ryan manages delivers a vocal performance that allows the song to retain it’s softer roots. We even get to hear Ricky use a lower range that hasn’t been used in this bands music before. As far as production goes it’s still excellent and on par with their first single

Overall rating – 9.5/10

#bringanchorsback #orfinishtheep


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