Before we begin

Before we dive into this ep let’s first take a look at who this band is and my relation to them. In fears end is a four piece metal outfit from Louisville, Kentucky. Made up of Sean Cook on lead vocals, Daniel Mudd on guitar, Jordan Tyler on guitar, and Brett Sharp on drums. There influences include bands like Wage War, Fit for a king, and periphery and this is their first publicly released ep. And like my first review this release was also produced by the masterful Jack C Daniels.

This band has been an a massive part of my introduction to local music. Their openness to talk, and positivity towards anyone and everyone was something that I hadn’t seen in a band before. Alongside bands like A Rumor of war, Alesana, Gallifrey falls and many others in fears end is responsible for my passion towards music for that I am grateful. But with that out of the way I will do my best to remain bias and deliver a fair review.

So here we go.

Track by Track

Track 1 – Rituals 01:23

The song opens with an ambient ringing which quickly receives layers of muffled talking covered by white noise. Creating a feeling of disorientation and anxiety before it is interrupted by a smashing heavy instrumental that adds an aggressive edge to this opener. This style of opener has been done many times before but that doesn’t eliminate its effectives to excite the listener.

Overall rating- 6/10

Track 2 – beginning of the end 02:24

The song opens with a bone crunching riff and airy tortured vocals. Giving this track an intense heaviness from the start similar to many in this genre. But it’s those airy vocals that give it a unique feel; when discussing harsh vocals airiness is usual a bad thing that detracts from the power and effectiveness of a performance. But Sean manages to maintain the same power as his contemporaries while having a unique sound giving this track an edge up. But this impressive harsh vocal performance is clearly this bands bread and butter because the clean vocal performance feels weak and is drowned out by the heavy hitting instrumental. But the track quickly regains its footing once the harsh vocals return leading to a gnarly breakdown then the song just ends. And that’s where this song fails its length it is a massive lead up to what feels like no pay off.

Overall rating- 7/10

Track 3 – seeing is believing 03:45

The title track and lead off single is the longest and most complete track on the ep. It opens with distorted noises and a heavy guitar part creating the perfect tone for this track. This is quickly followed by voracious harsh vocals and a slamming instrumental. But here we see the band really show off what they have to offer musically. Sean shows off some lower range really adding texture to the track. The instrumentals are crisp and heavy; but the clean vocals while better are still overpowered and feel weak comparatively to the rest of the track.

Overall rating – 8.5/10

Track 4 – Last breath (ft Jake Anthony) 02:49

It’s not the most complete track but it’s easily my favorite. Opening with more ambient noise it quickly transitions to heavy hitting guitars powerful enough to make you start a mosh pit in your car. Which are quickly accompanied by the most angry and raw vocals we have heard from Sean thus far and it’s exhilarating. But then we get to the chorus where IFE has shown issues with before but Jakes vocal performance and power skyrockets this track to the next dimension. The only problem that occurs in this track is the length it’s far too short leaving a listener wanting so much more.

Overall rating – 9.5/10


The production on this record is as expected, undeniably high quality. The instruments are soaring and the harsh vocals are monstrous. The only issue arises is which the clean vocals which come across as quite.

Overall rating- 9/10

Final thoughts

This is a really amazing debut from a band that I have been and will continue to be watching for years to come. The harsh vocal performance is unique and powerful. The instrumentals are crisp and crushing. The clean vocals are lacking but show potential. All around this is a solid release from a solid bandhighly recommend picking this up and catching this guys live if you have the chance.



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