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Kill no albatross is a five piece alt rock group from Burlington, Ontario. Consisting of vocalist Kyle Collins, guitarist Alex Crosty, guitarist Josh Pinkney, bassist Liam Kilawee, and drummer Alexander Sallas. This EP is the band’s debut release and has already gained a bit of attention outside of ontario. Does this EP live up to the buzz? Or does it fall flat? Let’s find out!


Disclaimer this is the first bad to specifically ask for me to review their material. So with that in mind i will attempt to remain as unbiased as possible throughout this review.


Track by track


Track 1 – Eos 04:30


Opening with entrancing guitar this track quickly grabs your attention. This is soon accompanied by some catchy percussion reminiscent of bands like coheed and cambria. This is then followed by a nearly haunting lyrical intro; note I said nearly. The reasoning for this is because throughout this entire song it’s clear that the higher end is not where Kyle is comfortable; most of these high range feets come across as weak or shaky. This had me worried for the remainder of the EP, fortunately this quickly switches. When the chorus arrives we receive an unexpectedly powerful vocal performance in the lower end, and that truly is where this vocalist thrives. It is this vocal power accompanied by the larger than life sounding instrumental that gives this song its edge. Sadly this becomes this song’s biggest weakness as well. That is because throughout the whole song we only receive power notes. The repetition of this vocal pattern of short hold, short hold followed by long hold. Is only slightly tweaked and used throughout the entire song; including when we see experimentation of the higher end. All together I am not saying that this is an awful or that I personal hate it; in fact there are allot of things this track does right including a fantastic massive sounding instrumental i just think when you have a vocalist with this much power diversity in vocal patterns and melody is a must.


Overall rating – 6/10


Track 2 – I Am The Night 04:29


Opening with calm and entrancing guitars it again grabs the listener and prepares them for a musical journey. This is soon accompanied by a welcomed mid range vocal performance that is calm and almost somber sounding. Then the song drops with pounding drums and some familiar vocals. This is where I became scared assuming that the vocals would again follow repetitive vocal patterns and luckily for the most part I was wrong. While still not perfect we see this band widen that range considerably; making for a much more interesting listen. Unfortunately these vocals do sound a bit drowned out from the instrumental but because of the power of the instrumental this be overlooked. Outside of vocals we see quite a bit of interesting instrumentation like at 02:40 with a soaring riff that flies this track to the next level. Overall this track is a step in the right direction and a much more interesting listen.


Overall rating – 7/10


Track 3 – Phantom Island 03:59


Opening with more slow guitar I simply expected more of the same, but this quickly changed because at just thirteen seconds in we see it switch to become one of the most interesting instrumental tracks on the ep. It became a super groovy almost jazz inspired mixture of perfectly timed drums and guitar that I could listen to by itself. Its vocally where I became worried and intrigued because it’s at the beginning of this song where we see Kyle play with his high end quite a bit more. This was worrying because like before the local pattern seemed repetitive and the high notes sounded airy but something was different. It is the midrange leading into it that is cleaner and more refined helping the high end sound less shaky making this delivery much more bearable. But that is not al this song has to offer hitting you with surprises all the way till the end. Like at 01:36 when the band turns the energy up to eleven and we see arguably the most power vocal performance on this entire release. This energy holds and is then elevated even higher at 02:02 when the most impressive held note on the record is delivered backed by blistering guitar. This guitar this steps front and center and captivates the listener. This is a track that not perfect really shows the true potential in these guys and makes me excited to hear what they are planning next.


Overall rating – 8.5/10




The production on this was done by Wayne Cochrane of Metalworks studios. And it shows because the production on this EP is fantastic from the heavy hitting drums to the soaring guitars everything sound crisp and clean with no major complaints here.


Overall rating – 10/10




This band shows a lot of promise throughout this EP. Instrumentally these guys are on par with anyone and vocally they have a power house. It’s all about making tweaks and adjusting if this EP is any indication of what these guys are capable of I cannot wait for what’s next.


Final verdict – 7/10


Favorite track

Phantom Island


Least favorite track



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kill no albatross

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