So before we start I must admit that I do have a slight biased towards this album; I am personal friend of a member of this group. And I am also a huge fan of this subgenre but with that said I will attempt to remain as impartial as possible for the remainder of this review. Now let’s get started.


Summits is a five piece band hailing from the small town of Paducah, KY; consisting of Austin Beyer on vocals, Kenton Smith and Jackie Frets on guitar, Evan Hust on drums, and Dylan Floyd on bass. Detox is this group’s debut release it’s a ten track Djent masterpiece reminiscent of bands like Periphery. The album was preceded by two singles “Why are you dead?” and “entropy” both of which garnered respectable amounts of attention from the local scene. This release was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jack C Daniels.

Track by Track

Track 1: Caged

This track is a killer opener creating a harsh spacey vibe that carries throughout the entire album. The alternation between Austin’s harsh vocals and his cleans creates a dynamic that is unique because unlike most bands that attempt this it’s the harsh vocals that soar through the song making the cleans feel like a filler. But that’s not to say that the cleans are useless here they serve as break from the utter heaviness of this track. While the vocals are a crucial element it’s the instrumentation that makes this song stupendous the technicality in the guitars sets a bar of skill that challenge the artist to match for the rest of the record.

Rating: 8/10

Track 2: Detox

This track carries on that technical excellence found in the previous track which a welcomed return. The beginning of this song creates an atmospheric mood where the vocals sound almost disembodied setting this track up to be one of the best on the record. But as this song transitions to its middle it begins to fall flat. The vocal melodies become predictable and the instrumentals begin to feel recycled remove the sense of uniqueness that the first track possessed. But as the ending of this track approaches it develops an almost anthemesque repetition of lines that lift the energy of this track. Leaving it feeling slightly above average.

Rating: 6/10

Track 3: Wolves in sheeps clothing

This song again begins with a fade in which at this point is starting to lose its effectiveness  due to the amount of its use. And like the previous track the middle section of this song is predictable but unlike the previous track this song posses a bite too it. It obliterates your face with pure energy the entire way through. But where this track shines is its insane instrumental. The guitar work on this track was mindblowing to say the least.

Rating: 8/10

Track 4: Why are you dead?

This was the first and most successful single put out before this albums release and for good reason. This track is not my favorite on the album but it does encapsulate everything that this band was trying to accomplish it blends every element together beautifully. My only complaint about this track is that it can come across as formulaic at times but outside of that it shines through.

Rating: 8.5/10

Track 5: entropy

Pure energy is the only way to accurately describe this track from the beginning all the way to the end this song is in your face. And throughout there is some interesting instrumentation at parts of the song. But unfortunately this song just comes across as boring to me and i simply can not get into it.  

Rating: 5/10

Track 6: Clean Cut

Overall this my favorite track off this album it is also the slowest song on the record. But that doesn’t mean that this song doesn’t pack a punch or have energy. Here we the guys experiment with a more atmospheric sound sounding almost as if it comes from a different plane of existence.  Vocally we see Austin continue his monstrous haunted sounding harsh vocals and they work perfectly at giving this song the edge it desperately needs. But we the clean vocals are where i find a problem with this song compared to the harsh vocals and instrumentals the cleans come across as weak or unconfident detract from the track as a hole.

Rating: 8.8/10

Track 7: Casualty of empathy

This track is a top contender for the best track on the LP; from the beginning we hear Austin display one of the angriest, anguished sounding harsh vocal performances thus far. Which fits perfectly and sets a spectacular tone for the rest of the track and kicks the energy back up to one hundred. But it is the chorus where this song truly shines Austin’s clean performance comes  across and strong and almost victorious sounding creating a perfect dynamic with the tone previously established. This track shows the potential in this band and how they are truly masters of their craft.

Rating: 8.5/10

Track 8: Nightmare reality

This track is boring at best; this for me is the weakest track on the entire LP. It feels as if this song has been done before one thousand times over. Everything from the vocals, instrumentals, to the rhyme scheme feel as if they are overly safe. That’s not to say that this track is not performed well because it certainly is it just doesn’t live up to the rest of the album.

Rating: 4.5/10

Track 9: Breathe again

While this track isn’t quite a breath of fresh air it defiantly is a step up from the previous track bringing back that more unique sound especially in the second half. The song does sound almost too similar to other bands in the genre and it doesn’t exactly stand out. It still feels entertaining and that’s all that really matters. In contrast to the last track the instrumentals feel fresh and the vocals sound more passionate. The song sadly ends feeling incomplete as if it was missing something from the end.

Rating: 5.5/10

Track 10: Promiscuous

This track is a fantastic end to this stellar debut. In this song we see the return of the atmospheric sound and instrumental perfectionism that made a majority of this album as phenomenal as it was. But ti also holds onto that anger that the LP developed in the later half combining the two half and delivering a satisfying ending to this record. It really does leave me wanting more.

Rating: 8/10


The art for this record and the singles for that matter is outstanding. Its eye catching but still conveys the enter anguish and introspectiveness of the record itself.

Rating: 9/10

artwork by: Luca Bermudez


Overall this one of the best debut releases i have heard from a band in avery long time. it captures a sense of introspection that not many bands can do regardless of what stage of their carrier they are in. And the absolutely mastery of the instruments and vocals on this record is something that you usually do not here until a band’s fourth or fifth release if you hear it at all. Needless to say i am beyond excited to what these guys do in the future and i won’t be surprised if these guys do not get signed to a larger label soon keep an eye out for Summits.

Top 3 songs

  • Causality of empathy
  • Clean cut
  • Why are you dead?

Top 3 worst songs

  • Nightmare reality
  • Entropy
  • Breathe again


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