You won’t feel a thing is a four piece metalcore outfit from Emerince, Kentucky. This is the bands second single off their forthcoming EP. Following the local success after their first single with this new track live up to the hype? Or will it fall to the wayside? Let’s find out.




Opening with an almost expected riff while energetic it worried me that this track would become another spec in the sonic cloud of genetic metalcore. Luckily this isn’t the exactly the case. Paul’s unique vocal style adds to this track while it starts to develop a more melodic groovy feel. And that melody is what takes this song to the next level with a powerful vocal performance on the chorus showing that this band has gotten better even since the release of their first single.


Overall this track delivers on what fans of the group wanted. Retaining the metalcore bite and incorporating something unique.


Overall rating – 7.5/10
A step forward in b the right direction. Showing huge potential for this band in the future.


empty lies

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