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You won’t feel a thing is a four piece metalcore band from the small town of Eminence, Kentucky. Consisting of lead harsh vocalist Paul Kasper, lead guitarist Syrus Nelson, Drummer Trent Barnett, and rhythm guitarist and clean vocalist Travis Fahey. While these guys may be from a small town it doesn’t hold these guys back from having a massive sound.


Track by track


Track 1 – Face your fears 05:41


This track was the first single released by this band and it immediately caught my attention with its thunderous drums and insane guitar work but it had a handful of problems; luckily the album version fixes a large majority of them. Beginning with a haunting piano quickly creating a welcomed sense of uneasiness. This is soon accompanied by pounding drums racketing the energy up to a boiling point. All before a brief transition from intro to the song itself this does feel a bit awkward but it is quickly forgotten; primarily due to the blistering guitar work that immediately follows. Unfortunately the clean vocals that soon accompany this sound very weak not even off pure vocal talent but weak comparatively to the power that this track has already put on display. But then the gun shot break into the harsh vocals happens: and it is unexpectedly fantastic. It was expected that there would be a some form of intro or breakdown into the harsh vocals but the timing of the gunshot combined with the unrelenting ferocity of Paul’s vocals create a moment that fills the listener with an energy that makes you start moshing in your seat. As the verse continues with the same angry energy it began with i can’t help but notice the interesting and equally entertaining drum work especially at moments like 02:03 where the percussion truly shines. Returning to the chorus which still does not feel as powerful as the rest of the track; but this time its not as “weak” because it found its place acting as a breather allowing the listener to regain their thoughts before being thrown back to the wolfs. Much like the verse its the instrumentation that takes it over the edge except this time it’s the soaring shredding guitars that keep this chorus a float. All in all this is a headbanger for the books its catchy heavy, and most importantly entertaining.


Overall rating – 8.5/10


Track 2 – Glass case of emotion 03:33


Again opening with a haunting piano and arguably used even more effectively than on the previous track. Creating a spacey almost somber tone as if you are about to begin a long emotional journey; and that tone is carried out throughout the entire song. Quickly transitioning to an emotional vocal performance and a triumphant sounding instrument that perpetuates the feeling of an emotional journey taking place. This then leads into a chorus with power: much more powerful and catchy than its predecessor this chorus displays that the clean vocals can match the power and drive of the rest of the music instead of being drowned out or forgotten. It is at this point when the mood switches temporarily to a much more angry vibe. This was worrying at first making me fear that the track would become more generic metalcore instead of continuing the massive sound the track had previously established.  Luckily I was mistaken instead of being a sign of generic things to come it was the bridge to hell because at 02;28 we get a monstrous vocal performance previously unheard from this band creating an apocalyptic climax for this amazing track. This is the track that you truly get to see why you should pay attention to these guys.


Overall rating – 10/10


Track 3 –  Empty Lies Ft Dana Willax 03:35


Opening with chaotic sounding guitars and a tortured speaking this track starts with the making of a jam. This unfortunately is not fully realized in the first third of this track. While vocally it is entertaining and impressive musically there simply is not anything that makes it stick out. It lacks the grandiose feel of Glass case and the emotional rawness of Face your fears it simply just exist. Its around 1 minute when we see this track show some signs of life when the instrumental slows but the vocals remain as furious as ever leading to an average but solid chorus. The chorus while vocally powerful is still forgettable and is not catchy enough to encourage listeners to return to this track. Unfortunately the remainder of the song suffers from the same issue outside of some interesting guitar work there isn’t allot that makes this track stand out from the rest of the pack.


Overall rating – 5/10


Track 4 – Eternal seeker 03:34


Returning to form this track opens with an eerie guitar that leads to an introspective boundless instrumental. That begins with heavy hitting drums that are then accompanied by tortured vocals and a groove focused guitar. All while retaining its heavy punch that this band is known for. Before it breaks at 01:35 for strumming with some spacy sounding atmosphere that leads to a beastly roar from Paul leading the track back into its final verses. All of this concluding to a choir of vocals creating a very impactful closing to a song. Unfortunately when this choir begins it sounds drowned out in comparison to the rest of the track decreasing the power that it would have. Overall this is a very powerful track nearing the end of this record that the EP would not have felt whole without.


Overall rating – 8/10


Track 5 – noose Ft Chase Robertson 03:03


By far the heaviest track on the EP it is also the most emotionally charged and that works in this band’s favor. Opening with intense guitars and thunderous drums it creates a much more aggressive tone and it is a unexpected turn for the EPs closer but it is a welcomed addition. This monstrous musicality continues throughout the entire track. We see Paul display true rage in his vocals as he depicts the biological male parent who deserted his wife and daughter. This lyrical content gives this track an extra touch of reality that helps fester the angry tone of this jam. But we cannot discuss anger and monstrous vocals without bringing up Chase Robertson of Gallifrey Falls who delivers a bone crunching vocal performance adding yet more emotion and rage to this track. Then once you arrive to the bridge at 01:28 we receive what makes this song stand out musically it lightens up slightly bringing back the groove we have come accustomed to all while vocally paul remains very intense creating a very unexpected catchy moment taking this track to the next level. This track is a real look at the mind of this band and i really do like what i see.


Overall rating – 9/10


Final thoughts


This is a fantastic first release from a band that I believe can go a far. With a heavy yet groove inspired sound and a unique vocal style this band is starting to stand out from the rest of the ‘core bands. With a few tweaks and embracing their uniqueness this band’s next release is officially on my highly anticipated list.


Final Verdict – 7.5/10

Favorite tracks

Glass case of emotion



Least favorite tracks

Empty lies

Face your fears


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