Finally it’s time 

Lady’s and gentlemen gather around for I have an announcement. After numerous scheduling conflicts, site issues, and other annoyances 20/20 music and production is active once again. Please keep in mind that this domain is temporary until I resolve some issues but regardless content starts today. 


The following is this weeks release schedule with some huge announcements in tow. 

Today – I am proud to be releasing my entertaining and insightful interview with Eli Vincent the mind behind Dehumanize. 

Wensday – I’m ecstatic to announce a partnership with Eli Vincent. This partnership is The Slam Police Podcast the pilot launches wensday. 

Thursday – back to basics. I will be reviewing the highly anticipated second full length from Louisville legends Johari. 

Friday – A new frontier. This will be the launch of 20/20 on YouTube with top tens, podcast, interviews, and more. 

Saturday – another band interview that I am unable to announce until wensday.

Sunday – massive announcements on the permanent release schedule for 20/20, The Slam Police, and 20/20 YouTube.
So stayed tuned and thank you guys so much for supporting me through all of this. 


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