Gallifrey Falls – Rapture EP REVIEW 

Before we start

Gallifrey falls is a four piece metalcore band hailing from Louisville, Kentucky: consisting of Chase Robertson on vocals, Devon Merodith on clean vocals and guitar, Travis Fahey on bass, and Caleb Lindsey on drums. Rapture is the band’s third EP succeeding 2015s regeneration. I have personally seen them perform 7 times in the past two years, and have personal ties to many of the members. But with that being established I will do my very best to eliminate any bias I have before this review.

Track by track

Track 1 – Fatherless 04:38

Starting this record out we return to familiar territory. As a staple of this band’s live set and present on their previous release, having fatherless as the opening track a decision I apprehensive about when first viewing the track list. But all is not the same the track has been reworked and rerecorded. Opening with a larger sounding electronic beat that is soon accompanied by a deep voice instructing the listener perfectly creating an unparalleled anxiousness for the impending drop. That drop then hits like a nuclear warhead that would make even the most subdued listener start moshing. The vocal performance is as brutal and impressive as we have come to expect from chase, but in this reworked version those vocals come through with even more of a punch and clarity that was lacking in the original. All together this is what fatherless was always supposed to be. While seeing a new track would’ve been nice for this new EP a perfected version of a banger is more than acceptable.

Overall rating – 9/10

Track 2 –  Bad Wolf 04:19

Another reworked version of a standout from the last EP. Again this immediately had me worried, but I was again if not more so pleasantly surprised by the jump in quality in comparison to the previous version of this track. On the ogival release of this song the opening “unforgivable sin” was captivating but this time it’s truly haunting. A vocal performance which is both soft and enormous Devons delivery truly drags the listener in. All before the track attacks the listener with brutality and chases trademark vocals. It trio goes from 60-100 real quick, this sudden shifts invigorates the listener delivering a direct shot of adrenaline to your ear drums. The track holds this intensity until 01:40 where they deliver one of the coolest electronic breaks in metalcore. This just serves to push the listener to the brink with energy all before a monstrous drop with a demonic vocal performance. This rework truly refined this track again perfecting what this band’s unique style.

Overall rating – 9/10

Track 3 – Contact 03:28

Time to really dive into the new material. This track could’ve easily been the intro to this EP with the dictator like voiceover declaring “We are gallifrey” and establishing the tone of the rest of the record. A tone of domination; a tone of power. This tone is then solidified by an especially heavy slamming guitar and pounding drums. Which are soon accompanied by monstrous vocals. This is soon replaced with a just a tortured but more collected clean vocal performance. This is my personal favorite chorus on the EP and tied for my favorite clean vocal performance. Devon manages to retain a soft and clear tone all while retaining a feeling of anger. My only complaint about this track is the length I feel another 30 seconds would have allowed for moments like 02:19 to be fledged out just a little better.

Overall rating – 8/10

Track 4 – Demented 02:59

Gallifrey doing what gallifrey does best unique heavy. With a blend of ambient sounds, electronic samples, and slamming instrumentals gallifrey has carved out a unique sound in a dense genre and this track perfectly demonstrates that. From 01:38 on Chase delivers one of the most impressive heavy vocal performances from a regional act I have ever heard. The sheer amount of breath control that this would require is astounding. All together this is a fantastic heavy track that has really impressive moments, but sadly in comparison on other songs on this release it’s just not as memorable.

Overall rating – 8/10

Track 5 – Rapture 03:56

As the title track and second single this in my opinion is the most well rounded song on the release. Opening with ambient noise it continues the tone that the rest of the record has established. This is soon replaced by slamming guitars and brutal vocals all things that we have become accustomed too by this point. But it’s when this track transitions to the clean vocals where it shines. The cleans sound massive and the delivery is extremely catchy. That catchiness is what helps set this song above the rest it is what makes this song so memorable. But this catchiness isn’t the only thing this track has too offer this track shows an evolution in the band’s songwriting allowing for the vocalist to work together with both chase and Devon smoothly transitioning between each other and even layering on top of each other at times. This may sound small but it’s something we haven’t seen allot from Gallifrey.

Overall rating – 9.5/10

Track 6 – Obey (ft Ryan Kirby) 04:04

The lead of single this track definitely brings the energy. Opening with industrial noises the listener knows they are in for a heavy experience. The tracks exudes a confidence similar to a hiphop track especially at transitions and breaks like at 1:20. This high energy and confidence is perfectly utilized by both vocalist. Ryan’s higher end creates a contrast to chases monstrous lows making the entire track feel full and complete. While this track is high energy and still retains their signature sound it doesn’t stick out as much as other tracks on the record. And it’s placement as the closing track doesn’t quite give the sense of finality I was looking for but overall not a bad listen at all.

Overall rating – 7.5/10

Overall thougts

As a fan this is exactly what I wanted from Gallifrey. We saw them embrace a softer side allowing for Devon’s voice to shine and they perfected the heaviness that got them here. But I can’t help but to feel that this was a transition piece making me extremely excited for what these guys do in the future.

Favorite tracks



Least favorite tracks



Final verdict – 8.5/10  

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