A Rumor Of War – Southern Hospitality: TRACK REVIEW

Before we begin

A Rumor Of War is a six piece metalcore outfit hailing from Louisville, Kentucky. Consisting of Jakup Crenshaw on clean vocals and guitar, Kristian Kemker on vocals, Austin Smith on bass, Forest Kelly on drums, Josh Hertle on guitar, and Kathan Booker on vocals. This band holds a very dear space in my heart due to them being THE band that truly introduced nee too local music. But with that being I will do my best to not allow a personal bias to effect my review.

*This is a track review for more in depth thoughts on this song/band stay alert for a future review of their upcoming EP “The Butterphant Effect” due sometime early 2018

Let’s Begin

Opening with a swelling energy which is immediately capitalized upon by a much more refined Kristian. With a spoken word almost rap inspired quality; he quickly puts his heart on his sleeve denouncing the intolerant members of society. That “Rap inspired” quality I referenced early is not only his delivery and flow but primarily his unwavering confidence and dare I say swagger throughout this entire track. But Kristian isn’t the member of this group that comes across as revitalised and refined on this track. Instrumentally the rest of the band shows that they have grown as well, while retaining the ferocity and energy of metalcore they seamlessly integrate a groovy vibe leaving me unsure if I should bop my head or start moshing in the best of ways. The clean vocals on this track are also leaps and bounds above their self-titled release. Jakup truly displays a power that simply wasn’t present before. But I do feel they could’ve been used more especially in the first chorus but this can be forgiven for their flawless execution prior to the final breakdown. This song shows a tremendous growth from a group of guys with immense potential. But it’s not perfect and not for everyone. Some of the verse can come off almost juvenile and most certainly would if it wasn’t for there masterful delivery. In particular lines like “oh yeah, oh yeah, it’s true, it’s true, the world would be do much better without you” do come across as weak but not unbearable. The best comparison I can think of would be an attila with a purpose which isn’t a bad thing it’s just not for everyone.


This track displays a fantastic amount of diversity and growth. With minimal hiccups this could easily be you’re next metal jam.

Final Verdict

7.5 out of 10

Check out this track

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/album/6vbgWBR14HvOpTKg9W8trU?si=ilurIxGSSyuN8nOTNpBUvg

Youtube – https://youtu.be/VkPMyWkFcR8

Play – https://play.google.com/store/music/album?id=Baxc2szwoxw7l4rhz4jw4ix24ay

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Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/arumorofwar

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