Artica – Cloak & Claw TRACK REVIEW

Before we begin

Artica is a trio of swell young lads hailing from Lexington, Kentucky. Consisting of Garion Birchell on vocals, Andrew Hurt on bass, and Luke Hasler on guitar. This group has developed quite a strong following in the past few years; a following that I am a devoted member of. Delivering some of the most energetic and powerful live shows in the region the boys aim to translate that same energy into this single and the entirety of their forthcoming EP “color restored”. How well does it translate? Well let’s find out in this track review of their lead single “Cloak & Claw”.

Let’s begin

Opening with a very energetic hard rock riff, quickly proclaiming that this is a revitalized Artica stepping up the energy and polish in comparison to 2016s “in honesty”. This is soon accompanied by one of the most powerful performances Garion has delivered thus far. In a very Jonny Craigesque fashion he trades articulation for power without sacrificing quality. This of course is off putting to some listeners but are very well received by even casual listeners of this subgenre. But outside of vocals and energy the entirety of this song is just groovy. With riffs like the one at 01:09 just make you want to move all without losing the gritt of the genre. This track delivers at many many levels and leaves me highly excited for “color restored”.

*for a more detailed track analysis stay tuned for my full review of “color restored” coming in late March

Final verdict

Cloak & Claw is a fantastic hard rock track full of energy and emotion. While the delivery may not suit all listeners it will excite fans of the genre and leaves me excited for the rest of this release.

Overall score



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